Create a page on Facebook 

In this post we will see how to create a page on fesbook. A page can be used to promote a product or site. Friends who come to the page can click on the "Good"in order to join. From that moment on they will start receiving the messages from bulletin page to which you are enrolled, just as if they had added a new friend to the list of friends in their profiles. To create the page, just click on "Create Page" menu "and Inserizioni pages. A window will open very intuitive within which to enter all the information.

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Get assistance to Facebook 

You may not know how to perform an operation on Fesbook. Do not worry! There is a section dedicated to user support. It 'just click on the "Account" menu and then on the "Help Centre". This will open a page containing a series of guides by subject matter. We also have a search form that allows us to search for the topic.

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Viewing messages 

To start viewing messages friends click on the button shown in the figure: see all the messages you received from friends. For each message the object is available and a preview of the text. Clicking the thumbnail will open the message in its entirety. In an article prossmio'll see how to make new friends online through Facebook.

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Tagging a photo 

Tagging a photo means bind to each face of the photo the name of the respective person. When you load a photo on Facebook you can tag it by moving the mouse over each face and by selecting the name of the friend from the menu. In this way all friends in the picture will receive a warning and will be eager to see the photos in which are portraits. (source: fesbook)

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How to chat with Facebook 

Facebook provides users with a chat to talk in real time. The chat is located at the bottom right of the main window. Clicking this link opens a chat window that shows us friends who are online. Just click on their name to start the conversation.

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